Benefits of modern caravans and potentially introduce them to a new life-long love

While we are huge fans of caravan holidays, we have been informed that not everyone feels the same way. We’re loathe to believe it but, just in case you have a rather reluctant friend who is trying every excuse in the book to get out of a caravan holiday, here are just a few of the many benefits.


Many people who aren’t keen on caravanning have developed an aversion due to the stereotypes about caravans – namely that they’re tiny, cold and generally unpleasant to stay in. It’s time to show them the error of their ways, educate them about the benefits of modern caravans and potentially introduce them to a new lifelong love!

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No more spending a small fortune on hotel rooms – discover the joys of caravanning and the world is truly your oyster.

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Benefits of Caravan Holidays

New friends and a sense of community – Ok, so the idea of making friends on holiday may not be everyone’s cup of tea but think of how much better an already great holiday can be when you find some likeminded neighbours to share it with. If you stay in a hotel, you’re most likely to keep yourself to yourself, contained within the walls of your own room. On a caravan site, everyone has at least one thing in common caravanning! and it’s almost impossible not to experience some friendly camaraderie. From chatting to people while doing your laundry to booking a regular pitch every season and building strong friendships, caravan holidays are a very social experience.

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Freedom – Booking a hotel room or holiday lodge is all well and good but it ties you down to just one location. Avoid being bored by the end of your break or missing out on mustsee attractions that are just too far away by packing up your caravan and taking off wherever and whenever you fancy. With so many caravan sites throughout Queensland and Australia, you’re bound to find one or two, or three! in close proximity to everything you want to do. There’s also the fantastic freedom allowed by not having to book months in advance.

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Scenic locations – When you take a caravan holiday, you won’t be contained within brick walls which block all the views of your stunning surroundings. Think of how much nicer it would be to relax under your awning in the evening, enjoying the gorgeous scenery you travelled to experience. The nature of caravans also enables you to set up your temporary home right in the middle of the most scenic spots, rather than in the nearest hotel.

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Affordability – While it is expensive to buy a caravan, it is far more affordable to book a caravan holiday than it is to pay for hotel rooms and lodges every time you want a break. If you do decide you like caravanning and why wouldn’t you? you can invest in one of your very own, which you can leave stocked up with everything you need for your next holiday. Remember that, although the purchase price may seem high compared to your regular annual holiday, you can holiday countless times, rather than just once per year.

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Activity – As most caravan sites have sports facilities, whether it’s a tennis court or two or a full blown swimming pool and leisure complex, you are likely to have quite an active holiday. That’s before you even consider long walks in nearby woodlands, availing of local outdoor pursuits and just walking from your caravan to the main complex several times a day. The outdoor nature of caravanning is far more healthy and active than being cooped up in a building once your days’ excursions are done.

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Close to nature – Listening to rainfall on a caravan roof, waking up to birdsong and watching spectacular sunsets from a remote location are some of our favourite aspects of caravanning holidays. Never mind watching the sights through a window a few floors up, get right in there and enjoy nature as it was meant to be enjoyed – in the thick of it!

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There are numerous other benefits to caravan holidays and we could go on all day about why we love it, but that’s enough reading. The best way to learn how amazing caravanning can be is to experience it for yourself – pick a place you’ve always wanted to visit and arrange some caravan accommodation there for a few days or so. You’ll soon see why so many of us have fallen in love.

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