Nip up to Karumba and catch a big Muddy

Nip up to Karumba and catch a big Muddy. If you dont want to catch them the go an see Mark and buy a few from Mudcrabs Direct. Just downbthe road from Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park. Tell Mark Arch sent you down and you might be able to claw a couple off bucks off. These are the biggest and […]

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Catching Carbs Are Fun In Karumba When We Talk About MudCrabs Direct QLD Gulf

Mud Crabs Direct is run by Mark and Julianne Grunske out of of Karumba in the Gulf country of far North Queensland. Karumba is 70 km by road from Normanton and 2100 km from Brisbane. The settlement was previously known as Norman Mouth and Kimberely. Karumba was used by the local aborigines to describe the place. This name was officially used for […]

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Dinner time. This is what you can get in Karumba or get them on you table live anywhere in Australia from Mudcrabs Direct. And the price is right.

BOOK NOW! for March, April, May and June. You may also do advanced booking for July, August, September, and August. Postal Address: Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park, PO Box 61 Karumba Queensland 4891 Tel: 07 4745 9277 Fax 07 4745 9480 Email Tags: #LesWilsonBarramundiCentre #LesWilson #BarramundiCentre #BarramundiFishing #Carpentaria #Barramundi #Barra #Fish #BarraFish #BestFishing #Accommodation #Hotel #Cabins #Villas #Powered #Unpowered […]

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