Green Oriole

Karumba, in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland is a bird-watcher’s paradise.

This month we are featuring the stunning Green Oriole; a medium-size songbird with red eyes and a long red bill.

Also Known As…

The Green Oriole goes by a few different names.

Alternate names for the Green Oriole include the Yellow-belled Oriole, Yellow Oriole, and the Australian Yellow Oriole.

A challenging bird to spot, as their yellow-green plumage blends with the foliage, it is their deep musical calls that usually gives away their discreet location.

Breeding and Habitat

Green Orioles like to breed during the months of October to March – the wet season.

They forage slowly and methodically through the middle and upper strata of dense forests and like to form small flocks in the non-breeding season.

It’s preferred habitat is among the mangroves, in the rainforests, swamps, gardens, and in the thickets along watercourses.

The Unique Green Oriole Song

If you’re hoping to hear a Green Oriole sing, you’re in luck.  These spectacular birds love to sing, and their vocals are often characterized as a throaty and rich “yok-yok-yoddle” sound.

The Green Oriole makes it home in Australia and New Guinea.

What birds have you spotted during your stay in Karumba?

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Green Orioles are are just one of many species of birds that can be found in Karumba and seen around the park.  Click here to read about another local bird – the Red-headed honeyeaters.

Be sure to bring your camera with you on your next visit to Karumba.

Photography by @lester_trotter | Source: Wikipedia