5 Caravanning Essentials


For many folks, caravanning is a lifestyle choice, and for those who live in a caravan full time, life can be pretty sweet. Filled with freedom and adventure, caravan living can be everything you need to experience a fun and adventurous life. It’s also an awesome way to travel and explore this big, beautiful country of ours. However, before you take the plunge and head off on your caravan trip, check you have these 5 must-have items as they will make your caravan experience that much more enjoyable.

1. Dunny Rolls

Yep, that’s right. Good ole toilet rolls. And lots of em. When you caravan full time, or if you’re intending to travel long distances for a holiday, you can’t rely on public conveniences to be around every corner. There may not be a public dunny in sight for several hundred kilometers! So when you need to go you’ve got what you need to feel comfortable. They aren’t a glamorous caravan accessory, but they’re essential for caravan life.

2. Matches and Lighters

Living in a caravan full-time or traveling in a caravan requires a lot of upfront planning. Items you don’t necessarily need at home, you’re going to want when on the road. Boxes of matches and packets of lighters are essential. You don’t want to be without the ability to light a candle in the dead of night, stoke up the barbie, or get that campfire cranking in the middle of nowhere. You’re also going to want to strike quite a few matches when Dad heads into the Dunny with his newspaper tucked under his arm. Ya know those matches are going to come in handy at that point. You know what we’re talking about… 😉

3. A Tent

Unless you intend to go completely off the grid, traveling in a caravan usually involves meeting lots of new people. On the road and when you frequent caravan parks like Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park. Sometimes you’ll want to invite your new mates back to your caravan for a meal or a bevvie. Most caravans aren’t huge. So having some extra space like a free-standing tent to accommodate your guests can be extremely helpful.

4. Portable WiFi Device

Having a way of staying connected is important. If you caravan full-time or are planning to take a holiday and stay close to caravan parks, caravan clubs, and caravan communities, then staying connected won’t be too difficult. But if you’re planning on heading into the woop woop or the outback, for example, having a portable WiFi device will give you access to the internet, at caravan park hotspots, as well as access to cellular data for unexpected emergencies.

5. Solar Panels

If you’re living in a caravan full-time or planning on taking a caravan holiday then you’ll want to consider solar power as a main source of energy. Especially if you plan to do some off-the-grid camping, then solar is a must. Solar can be used to run your fans, fridges, and power up devices like phones and laptops. Solar will also run all your lighting at night. However, it doesn’t take much for the panels to get a bit dusty. Especially in the outback. So throw a ladder in your caravan too and wipe them down every 3-4 days.

Caravanning can be awesome!

Let’s face it, caravan living and holidaying isn’t for everyone. But for folks who love adventure, spontaneity, saving some dosh, exploring the natural outdoors, and meeting new people caravanning can be a bloody exciting way of life or holiday. Planning and preparation are key to ensuring your time in your van is as amazing and enjoyable as it can be.

Happy Caravanning Mates!

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