Top 3 Reasons to Getaway During the Low Season

Top 3 Reasons to Getaway During the Low Season

Here are three awesome reason to book your getaway and roadtrip during the low season. 

Reason #1 Escape the Crowds

Some people love large gatherings and enjoy traveling with a crowd. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like populated areas, you prefer to hike alone, explore unpopulated areas, and don’t like having to wait in a long queue for food, then a holiday to Karumba during the low season is the perfect time to visit.  

Reason #2 Save Big!

One of the great benefits about travelling during the low-season are the savings.  Who doesn’t want to save a quid or two? With our low-season rates you can stay in the biggest and best park in Karumba and enjoy all that Karumba has to offer.  

Reason #3 Less Traffic

Less traffic on the roads means more time for fun, relaxation and adventure. Who wants to be stuck in their car or van when they can be outside exploring, hiking, fishing, and eating delicious food? Not us! That’s for sure. So while everyone else is stuck at home, you can be on the road, listening to some sweet tunes while enjoying a peaceful, scenic and easy drive to Karumba where the Outback meets the Sea.