Karumba Tourist Attraction – Beautiful Sunset View

Karumba Tourist Attraction – Beautiful Sunset View

Why sunset really is the most beautiful time of day: Incredible images of early evening light from across the Karumba, Queensland.

I like to capture the wonders of nature and the sheer beauty the world presents us,’ said Expert.
‘Nature has so many beautiful things to show us as long as we have an open eye for it.

What dust and pollution don’t do

It is often written that natural and manmade dust and pollution cause colorful sunrises and sunsets. Indeed, the brilliant twilight “afterglows” that follow major volcanic eruptions owe their existence to the ejection of small particles high into the atmosphere (more will be said on this a bit later). If, however, it were strictly true that low-level dust and haze were responsible for brilliant sunsets, cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, and Mexico City would be celebrated for their twilight hues. The truth is is that tropospheric aerosols — when present in abundance in the lower atmosphere as they often are over urban and continental areas — do not enhance sky colors — they subdue them. Clean air is, in fact, the main ingredient common to brightly colored sunrises and sunsets.

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