Karumba Tourist Attraction – Fishing Memories

Karumba Tourist Attraction – Fishing Memories

There are so many options when it comes to fishing at Karumba that sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin! A good spot for starters is the Norman River, where you’ll find huge fish like.

The Barramundi is widely regarded as Australia’s premier native sport fish and the Gulf Country in Tropical North Queensland offers excellent opportunities to target this much sought after species.

Regarded as a true sporting fish with great fighting ability, the bite is sudden and savage and once hooked barramundi perform aerobatics and repeated powerful runs for cover in snags. The Australian record catch for a Barra is 37.85kg. Size and bag limits do apply.

Here in Tropical North Queensland we have two species, the blue salmon and the threadfin or king salmon as it is called in Queens land. Our species are great sport on light tackle and readily take lures or flies when fishing for Barramundi. Its firm white flesh is arguably better eating than barramundi, easy to fillet and freezes quite well. Average captures vary from 50cm to just under 1 M., and size and bag limits do apply.

Grunter (javelin fish) are probably the most prolific fish in our estuary and tidal systems and many a bait fishing outing has been saved by the catching of dozens of these common, but very underrated fish. They are one of the best eating fish to come from our waters, but being so easy to catch, do not have the glamour nor appeal of the more famous species like Mangrove Jacks or Barramundi. Size and bag limits do apply to grunter. Soft white flesh and excellent eating.

The finger mark bream (spotted scale sea perch – big scale red) derives its name from the distinctive “thumb print” like black spot found near its tail when just landed. This spot will fade as the fish dies as will its magnificent copper colouring. It is a splendid fish, highly prized for its eating qualities ( arguably the best eating fish to come from the estuaries) and offers a dogged hard fight to the boat. Finger mark show exceptionally slow growth rates, take only what you need for a good feed as fish stocks can easily be put under pressure from over fishing. Size and bag limits do apply.

Also commonly called black king fish, Cobia are usually caught while targeting other species. Taking both trolled lures or garfish meant for mackerel and hooked by bait fisherman working the bottom, they offer a very hard exhausting fight. Fish to 30+ lb inhabit the tropical reef waters and are usually found near structures. Their habit of accompanying large mantas and devil rays is well known and many an alert angler will entice a strike by casting a lure at these gliding monsters. They are excellent eating.

Narrow-Barred Mackerel or Tanguigue (more commonly called Spanish Mackerel or just Spaniards) are the prime target in our waters with specimens to over 60 lb (27 kg) common. They will readily take jigged chrome slices, trolled or floated garfish and pilchard baits as well as trolled lures. Sport fishing tackle of at least 6 kg is preferred with the use of a heavy wire leader and black swivels essential for both lure and bait fishing. Once hooked Spaniards will make one long spirited run and usually tire shortly after, smaller shorter runs precede gaffing at the boat.

Jewies are a cousin of the southern mulloway and look fairly identical apart from their scales which are much darker and have a black spot, hence the name. Their preferred habitat is around deep structure, wrecks and inshore reefs.

Excellent eating, hard fighting and available in XLS sizes makes this fish a prime target but apart from a few well known spots their numbers and consistency of capture are not prolific. Size and bag limits apply.

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