Benefits of Caravan Holidays – misconception vs reality

Tips: Caravanning brings lots of opportunities to share the best and the most memorable time with your family

Ask your friends and I’ll bet very few of them have chosen to tow a mobile home behind their vehicle in favour of the modern comforts of a hotel suite. But if it wasn’t for caravanning, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Our family were devout members of the Caravan Club for many years and I spent the entire six weeks of every summer holiday (bar one) from my tiny twos to the age of 16 travelling through Australia with my family and a caravan, and those trips hold some of my most precious memories.

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Benefits of Caravan Holidays – misconception vs reality

There is no doubt in my mind that the time we shared in our little white box brought my family closer together. Living in a confined space without the distractions of electronics forced us to find other ways to occupy our time.

Benefits of Caravan Holidays – games and reading

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1. You meet people

When you pitch your caravan on a campsite, you become part of a community of independent travellers who are generally eager to mingle. You can step straight from your front door into nature, so you will spend the majority of your time soaking up the fresh air. It’s not uncommon for campsites to have swimming pools, tennis courts or a bar and restaurant area. You will chat to people as you wash up your plastic plates and do your laundry at the communal washrooms. Sometimes, there are organised events, from discos to karaoke or live bands. The amount of social interaction you experience will be vastly greater than in a hotel, but you still have the option to remove yourself from all the commotion when you need some solitude – something which can be tricky in hostels.

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2. You rarely need to book ahead

Of course, just like hostels and hotels, campsites do get fully booked from time to time, but at least you don’t need to rely on the availability of a room. If there’s a spare patch of ground, you have a place to stay and, often, campsites are vast fields with plenty of space. Also, if it is busy, you don’t need to wait hours to check in while someone changes the sheets on your bed and prepares your room. As soon as another camper pulls out of a spot, you’re free to set up home.

3. It’s environmentally friendly

Since you spend most of your time outdoors or getting back to basics with books and board games, you don’t drain energy using electrical appliances. Most sites have garbage and recycling areas for you to easily dispose of waste in a sustainable way. And while the idea of a portaloo isn’t exactly glamorous, it saves a surprising amount of water.



4. It’s relatively cheap

Not only is the cost of a camping space much more reasonable than a hotel room, you also have everything you need at your disposal. You can stock up on groceries and cook your own meals, saving a fortune on restaurant bills.

5. You learn to appreciate the effort involved

As with camping, there’s something satisfying about working for your comfort. The cool celebratory beer tastes so much better when you’ve just finished erecting an awning and collecting a water supply, cooking your own meal and doing your own washing up. To this day, I’m still uncomfortable being waited on. I much prefer to put the effort in myself.

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6. You hear some interesting things

Caravans and tents aren’t particularly sound proof, which sounds like a negative, but there were so many times when I really enjoyed being able to hear what was going on around me. From the interesting conversations of fellow campers to the hum of cicadas or the trickle of a nearby stream or crashing of waves on a beach, the surrounding noises were a welcome intrusion.

7. It brings you and your travel companions closer

There’s nothing like spending 24/7 with your friends or family to help build your relationships. You learn how to be patient and accepting of each other’s annoying habits. You also learn so much more about them. Especially when you’re in a confined space and don’t have the distractions of TV, you fall into a pattern of deep and meaningful conversations and silly games that pass the time but provide plenty of entertainment. My family have always thanked those long summer caravan breaks for bringing us together.

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Benefits of Caravan Holidays – family bonding



8. It keeps you fit

Since caravan parks are often in the back of beyond, the sorts of activities you end up doing almost always involve being active. We did plenty of fishing, played plenty of tennis matches on site, and splashed about in the Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park swimming pools. From the moment we woke to the moment we went to sleep, we’d be expending more calories than any amount of vin rouge and pate could ever replace.

Benefits of Caravan Holidays – staying active

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