BREAKING NEWS!!We can now announce that we are installing a dog wash facility at our park

What a Load of Croc Monday 15th April 2019

What a Load of Croc Monday 15th April 2019

Wednesday Wood Fired Pizzas

Every Wednesday we do our special Woodfired Pizzas. Pizzas must be prebooked at Reception by 5 pm Wednesday for a specific timeslot that starts at 5.45 pm through until 7.30 pm at 15-minute intervals. We are limited to 6 pizzas every 15 minutes so it is essential to book. To give you an idea of how popular they are, last week we did over 30 pizzas!! Not bad for our Caravan Park. This Wednesday we will be doing:-

Wednesday Wood Fired Pizzas Return

Wednesday Wood Fired Pizzas Return

Meatlovers $23, Supreme $23, Tandoori Chicken $23 & Hawaiian $20. Book Now. Email us or phone 07 47459277 or pop into the office. Don’t miss out!!

Sunset Cafe Now Open!

The Sunset Cafe is open Monday to Saturday from 10.00 am until 3.30 pm and will sell a variety of food, coffee, smoothies, and milkshakes. Check out our menu below:-

Sunset Cafe Now Open

Sunset Cafe Now Open

Speed of All Vehicles

We ask all of you out of safety for all that when you drive your vehicle within the park boundary which starts at the entrance, do drive at walking speed.


This week we will be commencing our Dustbloc operation. Please stand clear as we drive past.

Wendee’s Cards

As you know Wendee is back and her awesome homemade cards are back as well as her cards. They are $6.00 each and there are cards for different occasions. Come in and check them out at the office.

Fancy Dress Cancer Council Fundraiser

This year for our cancer council fundraiser we will be holding a fancy dress party where you can come dressed as your favorite character or idol. Come dressed as an animal if you like or whatever. We will be holding this on Friday 28th June. Get your thinking caps on to come up with a great costume. Minimum Cover Charge is $5 per person which goes as a donation to the Queensland Cancer Council.

This year we would love to see as many people involved with this as possible. The more we can do will benefit the very worthy cause.

BYO your own beverage and munchies.

Mail Delivery Service

For our long term guests, we will be delivering your mail and parcels to your site this year on Tuesdays and Thursdays approximately between 11 am and 1 pm. If you aren’t home at that time we will place it on a table in your annex. It would be helpful to us if you would arrange a cardboard box of some sort that we can put it into. Doing this saves double handling and space at our office. No mail will be held at the office.

Long Term Guest Rent Payments

Just a reminder that all long term guests are to pay at least a fortnight in advance for rent. No weekly payments.

Friday Night Roasts

Our Friday Night Roasts will return on the 10th of May and run on Friday Nights through until August. You can now reserve your table by emailing us at or by phoning us on 07-47 459277. Bookings are essential. Don’t miss out as these are popular social nights with beautiful home-cooked roasts and veggies. We also do Lucky Door Prizes. The first roast night will be Roast Lamb with Vegas and gravy/mint sauce. The only Friday that we don’t have a roast is on Friday 28th June which is our Fundraiser Night.

Check-In Times

Check-in times for sites is from 11.00 am. This is to allow Grounds Staff to check and prepare sites. No site arrivals before 11.00 am.

Milk and Bread Arrivals

We get fresh Bread and Milk in each week from the Atherton Tablelands every Thursday morning from 8 am. We get full cream and lite milk in the 2-liter variety for an awesome price at $4.00. Bread is the Abbotts Bread that we get in white, wholemeal and grain at $5.00 per loaf. Limited supplies are ordered each week and as more people come in, the more we will order.

Hot Chook Tuesdays

You can pre-order for a Hot Chook to be cooked for you ready for pick up from the Sunset Cafe Tuesday at 3 pm. To do so Chooks must be pre-ordered by each Monday at 3 pm at the Reception desk. They are No 14 Chooks and the price is $15. This will happen every Tuesday until the approximate end of August.

Tour Bookings

We do tour bookings at our reception free of charge as a service to you as we want you to experience the best of Karumba. Whether you want to go fishing, bird watching or go on an awesome sunset cruise, we can assist you. We do bookings for Kerry D Fishing Charters, Karumba Saltwater Fishing, The Ferryman Cruise and Croc n Crab Cruises. We also do bookings for Queensland Rail’s Gulflander train that runs out of Normanton. If you have booked with us and you would like to take in some or all of these adventures, call us on (07) 47 459277 or email us at and we will pre-book your tour.

Site Parking of Cars

From this point on please park your cars on your own site as we are starting to get busy. Cars and boats are to be parked up the side of your van to keep the driveway clear. It makes it very difficult for us when we allocate sites if you haven’t done so. Our Grounds Staff will commence checks this week. We appreciate your co-operation.


We can now announce that we are installing a dog wash facility at our park. We hope to have this operating within 2 weeks. The cost is $10 for 10 minutes. It has hot and cold water with shampoo and conditioner.

It will be located at the front of the park adjacent to the fish cleaning area and it will incorporate an enclosed fenced area. This is unique to Karumba as the nearest dog wash facility to us is Mount Isa and Atherton which is over 500km away.

Dog Wash Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park

Dog Wash Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park

Letters to the Editor

This week in Letters to the Editor…

Dear Editor,

I have a booking at Sunset Caravan park. My friends have been telling me about the great fishing in Karumba. Question: Is there any possession limit on Catfish and can you eat them? Do you have a good recipe for cooking them?


Hello B1,

Great question! They can be eaten but I have only heard about that over in the southern areas of the USA. There aren’t any possession limits and I have attached a link for a great zesty baked catfish just for you. Say Hi to B2 for me and by the way, where’s the $100 that you owe me?

The Fishing Report

This last week has seen Kerry D Fishing Charters bringing in some good catches with Blue Salmon being caught. Judy Hall is also done well with a big barra pictured below Remember to bag the fish frames once they are filleted and place into the freezer provided. Want free Crab Pot Bait? Grab whatever you want out of the freezer for your pots.

Grab whatever you want out of the freezer for your pots

Grab whatever you want out of the freezer for your pots

Coming this Year to Sunset

Wood Fired Pizza Nights

Friday Night Roasts

Sunset Bingo

Art n Craft Arvo’s

Live Entertainment

Cancer Council Fundraiser

Free Monthly Sausage Sizzles

Sunset Fun Run

State of Origin Nights Email

Phone us (07) 47 459277

Best Sunset Ever!!

We have been here at this park for four years now and still to this day we are treated to some absolutely magnificent sunsets that change every day. Some better than others but this one would have to be one of the best. You can see the Prawn Trawler heading out from Karumba below.

Best Sunset Ever at Karumba Book Now Sunset Caravan Park 02

Best Sunset Ever at Karumba Book Now Sunset Caravan Park

Best Sunset Ever at Karumba Book Now Sunset Caravan Park

Best Sunset Ever at Karumba Book Now Sunset Caravan Park