5 Great Reasons to Visit Karumba

5 reasons why you should check out the Outback

An Australian road trip is a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors of this magnificent country.

The outback in Australia has so much to offer. From pristine beaches, incredible wildlife, beautiful landscapes, glorious sunsets, and brilliant towns and communities like Karumba where you can experience true Aussie hospitality.

Here are our top five reasons why the outback should be on your travel bucket list:

1. The Wildlife

Is there anything more Australian than visiting the outback and spotting some exotic creatures? From kangaroos, crocodiles, wallabies and emus as well as reptiles such as snakes and lizards, visiting the outback is a great way to see native animals in their natural habitat.

Did you know Australia is home to around 50 million kangaroos? Making it one of the best places in the world to spot them.

The outback is home to these iconic marsupials which, can be seen hopping around, well just about everywhere. They will often hop right into the park where guests are able to experience them up close and snap some memorable photos.

2. Stunning Landscapes & Sunsets

Australia is a country with an extremely diverse landscape. From lush rainforest to red desert and more.

You can explore a completely different side of the country in just a matter of hours. No matter where you go, one thing you can rely on is that Australia’s landscapes will never fail to take your breath away.

The colors of the outback are unique – vivid and spectacular. With its earthy reds and orange landscape dotted with green and golden trees, the rich grounded feel of the outback is sure to draw you in and captivate all your senses.

The sunsets here are some of the best in the world. The sky turns into a beautiful canvas as the sun slowly sets for another day. The pinks, oranges, purples and reds paint a picture in the sky that will remain in your heart and memory forever.

One of the best places for viewing magnificent sunsets is right here at Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park. Pull up a chair and a cold one and watch the magic unfold.

3. Laid Back Lifestyle

Aussies are renowned for their relaxed attitude, which is something that can be seen throughout the country. The outback is no different, with friendly locals always happy to show you around or recommend a great spot for something to eat, drink or do.

This is especially true for the community of Karumba. Our friendly locals and staff at Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park are always eager to say ‘G’day’ and lend a hand where they can.

4. The Morning Glory

The Morning Glory is a rare meteorological event where the sky is filled with a swirling ball of cloud that resembles long rolls of colorful cotton wool.

It usually occurs just before dawn in the outback around September to November. The colors are so intense, it looks like the sun is rising from an unusual direction.

There are very few places in the world where you can view the Morning Glory. The best place in the world to see the phenomenon is the town of Cunnamulla, around 350 kilometers west of Karumba.

5. The Nightlife

Visiting the outback would not be complete without enjoying a beer (or two) at one of many popular watering holes.

The outback has a fantastic range of pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Australian drink and cuisine like the always popular fish ‘n’ chips, fresh prawn salads and scrumptious shrimp cocktails.

A great place to frequent great Aussie food when in Karumba is The Sunset Tavern. A 2 minute walk from Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park.

So you see, the Outback has a lot of great gifts to offer.

Whether you want to relax in the great outdoors, go fishing, crabbing, take a scenic flight or explore the off-beaten track, visiting the outback in Australia is definitely one of the best ways to explore this incredible country!

So, what are you waiting for?

Come check out Karumba!

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Green Oriole

Karumba, in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland is a bird-watcher’s paradise.

This month we are featuring the stunning Green Oriole; a medium-size songbird with red eyes and a long red bill.

Also Known As…

The Green Oriole goes by a few different names.

Alternate names for the Green Oriole include the Yellow-belled Oriole, Yellow Oriole, and the Australian Yellow Oriole.

A challenging bird to spot, as their yellow-green plumage blends with the foliage, it is their deep musical calls that usually gives away their discreet location.

Breeding and Habitat

Green Orioles like to breed during the months of October to March – the wet season.

They forage slowly and methodically through the middle and upper strata of dense forests and like to form small flocks in the non-breeding season.

It’s preferred habitat is among the mangroves, in the rainforests, swamps, gardens, and in the thickets along watercourses.

The Unique Green Oriole Song

If you’re hoping to hear a Green Oriole sing, you’re in luck.  These spectacular birds love to sing, and their vocals are often characterized as a throaty and rich “yok-yok-yoddle” sound.

The Green Oriole makes it home in Australia and New Guinea.

What birds have you spotted during your stay in Karumba?

Share your photos and sightings on Instagram and Facebook. Tag us so we can share your posts.

Green Orioles are are just one of many species of birds that can be found in Karumba and seen around the park.  Click here to read about another local bird – the Red-headed honeyeaters.

Be sure to bring your camera with you on your next visit to Karumba.

Photography by @lester_trotter | Source: Wikipedia

Discover the Barra!

THINGS TO DO IN KARUMBA – The Les Wilson Barramundi Discovery Centre.

Discover the amazing secrets of the mighty barramundi at The Les Wilson Barramundi Discovery Centre, the only hatchery in the world to breed the Southern Gulf strain of this iconic fish!

From humble beginnings with second hand, donated equipment the Centre was started by a group of professional fishermen who set out to restock the local waterways with fingerlings to ensure a sustainable fishing future for years to come. They became known as the Barramundi Restocking Association.

  • Enjoy lunch or a coffee at the Wild Fish Cafe that overlooks the lagoon.
  • Watch a short film about the community of Karumba and its local fishing industry.
  • Discover the wetlands and mangroves and learn about the local birdlife and stunning southern Gulf Flora.
  • Learn about the process of restocking the waterways with fingerlings.

To learn more visit barracentre.com.au. Or ask our friendly managers Craig and Hayley for more information when you check in.

Source and Photo: Barramundi Discover Centre

Red-Headed Honeyeater

Karumba is the perfect spot for bird-watchers, bird enthusiasts and photographers.

This month we are featuring the Red-Headed Honeyeater.

The red-headed honeyeater (also known as the red-headed myzomela) is a passerine bird that stands about 12cm with a long down-curbed bill and short tail. It lives in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Northern Queensland, Australia.

Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical environments. Karumba is a perfect spot.

This beautiful bird loves to feed in large canopy trees and enjoys darting from flower to flower and eating insects off foliage.

The handsome male honeyeater has a glossy red head with brown and paler grey-brown underparts. The beautiful female honeyeater has predominantly brown-grey plumage.

While there isn’t a wealth of information that’s been documented about the honeyeater’s breeding behaviour, it has been documented that it likes to build small cup-shaped nests in the mangroves, and will lay 2-3 small, white eggs with small red splotches.

What birds have you spotted during your stay in Karumba?

Share your photos and sightings on Instagram and Facebook. Tag us so we can share your posts.

Red-headed honeyeaters are just one of many species of birds that can be found in Karumba and seen around the park.

Be sure to bring your camera with you on your next visit to Karumba.

Photography by @paulabowler4 | Source: Wikipedia

Karumba Heritage Walk

Have you explored Karumba’s Heritage Walk yet?

The Karumba Heritage Walk is a 4km path that stretches from Karumba to Karumba Point.

The trail is flat with a lots of boardwalks for photographers and bird-watchers alike to pause and capture spectacular shots of stunning natural scenery, magical sunsets and an array of bird-life and wild-life.

If photography or bird-watching isn’t your thing, the Karumba Heritage Walk is the perfect escape for that leisurely evening stroll, an early morning jog, or an afternoon cycle.

Be sure to add the Karumba Heritage Walk on your list of to-do’s the next time you’re visiting us in Karumba.