Gulfland Helicopters book a new charter through our park as a free service

New Charter Now Operating!

We have a new charter that we are now doing bookings for and that is Gulfland Helicopters that operate out of Normanton and also Karumba. 

This is a charter that will be operating on a demand basis. They plan to operate out of Karumba on Fridays doing 10-minute Scenic Flights for $109.

Gulf Helicopters Normanton Karumba Map

Gulf Helicopters Normanton Karumba Map

They also offer a custom Helifishing charter for the day at $600 per person that can happen on other days dependant upon availability. The great news is that you can book this through our park as a free service.

New Charter Now Operating

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Book Now for October, November, and December. You may also do advanced booking for January, February, and March.
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