Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park K9000 Dogwash Machine

K9000 Dogwash Machine

New Dog Wash Now Operating

New Dog Wash Now Operating

Dog owners love the ease-of-use, the pet-friendly features and the proven performance of the K9000 – they can see that it has been designed with the dog’s comfort in mind.

Designed to be simple to use, even with wet hands.

It includes a custom-made coating on the floor that pooches’ paws prefer, a hair filtration system to keep the tub clean at all times, and a see-through front window so small dogs don’t feel claustrophobic. The extra touches like these ensure that dog owners keep coming back to the K9000 Dog Wash every time!


How the K9000® works

The fully self-contained K9000® Dog Wash will shampoo, condition, blow-dry and flea tick dogs in just 10 minutes. Any dog owner can use it to wash their canine.

In this video, Maddy, Poppi and Fez demonstrate how to use the K9000 Dog Wash.

Here are the basic steps involved:

1.    Lead the dog into the tub and secure them with a simple catch-chain.
2.    Insert $5 (price determined by the K9000® operator) to start the wash cycle. More coins can be deposited after the standard cycle to continue washing.
3.    Wash the dog using a soft-touch, adjustable wash gun, premium washing products and fresh, temperature-controlled water.
4.    Dry the dog using the two-speed drier.
5.    Use the disinfect cycle to wash the K9000® basin and ensure that it’s clean and ready to go for the next user.

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