Meet Our Managers

Meet Hayley Brown and Craig Brown

Craig and Hayley Brown have been the Park Managers at Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park since 2020.

Before they joined the park, Craig was a welding supervisor and tour guide, and Hayley was a registered Nurse and owner/operator of a dairy farm.

Originally from Gippsland Victoria, Hayley and Craig decided they wanted a change of pace.  So they moved to Karumba.

When Craig and Hayley are not managing the park and taking care of the guests, Hayley loves to bird-watch, go fishing, explore and take photographs, and Craig loves to fish and explore the surrounding areas.

When asked to share something about themselves most people don’t know, Hayley said, “I am a like a turtle.  Hard exterior, soft on the inside.”  Craig said, “I once had to eat a cold tin of carrots for Christmas Dinner after I ran out of gas and was not allowed to light a fire in the area I was staying.  I have lived a very diverse life; from running horse back tours in the Victorian High Country, to being a Maintenance Supervisor off-shore.”

Hayley and Craig are very popular among our guests.  They both love their work and go out of their way every day to ensure all guests have an enjoyable, fun and relaxing stay. Don’t hesitate to reach out to either of them during your visit.