There are many benefits of living in a caravan park

Australia is a place in the world that many people would love to visit but very few actually get the chance. Due to the fact that it is the other side of the world some people do not wish to have to endure the long flight. Other people just do not have the money to afford to go to Australia. There are plenty of different reasons why people should try in their lifetime to visit this outstandingly beautiful country.

Australia has such fascinating native creatures such as kangaroos, koalas and wombats. In your own country you would be amazed and shocked to see a kangaroo ‘bouncing’ down the road, but in certain areas of Australia this is seen as completely normal, something that no one would bat an eyelid at!

Another reason as to why people should visit Australia is due to the fact that the country as a whole is absolutely stunning. The land is naturally beautiful and something that you would have never seen before. The city life is also a great reason to go to Australia. It is a known fact that the nightlife of Australia is outstanding, with parties and barbecues on the beach; it will be a trip you will never forget. Going during the festival period is also a great reason to visit; you will be able to live the Aussie experience  with its promised weather, great food and fantastic music.

Not only should you go to Australia for the festivals, the nightlife, the animals and the scenery, but you should also go due to the fact that it will be one of the best experiences of your life. You will experience a completely different culture; the Australians are known to be laid back and to just love life.

Before travelling to Australia, it is important not to forget your essential travel items. Careful planning will ensure that you have everything that you need.

Just because travelling to Australia can be seen as expensive does not mean that you should not consider it at all. It is an experience which you will treasure for the rest of your life. You can find online voucher codes to assist with your travel plans such as  booking flights and arranging accommodation. This can help to lower the cost of your trip as a whole. Flights to Australia go from many different places; if you live in England you can get direct flights from London to Sydney, taking you straight into the heart of Australia. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for adventure that should not be missed!


The traditional caravan park is changing, they no longer cater to those only seeking cheap tourist accommodation and housing for the less privileged.

More caravan parks are now filling the demand for affordable quality housing in a residential community atmosphere. These caravan parks that specialize in residential accommodation comprise of cabins mobile homes and can have between one and three bedrooms with ensuites and fully equipped kitchens in a pleasant well maintained environment.

There are many benefits of living in a caravan park

The maintenance is performed by park management so you can go on holidays and not worry about who will look after the gardens when youre gone, and the security that residential parks now offer give you the peace of mind that your residence and property is safe while you are away. This security also helps to ensure that you are living in a safe and secure environment and as park operators maintain peaceful and comfortable living conditions, chances are that your neighbor is a nice person! Many friendships arise from the community living in a cabin

Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park Tourist Attraction

Landscaped grounds and gardens are maintained by park management
or caravan park. Many parks have residents that have lived in them for over 10 years, some for over 30 years. Happy people stay and they stay for a reason.
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The financial savings of living in a caravan park are significant.

01 Karumba Community and Services Tourist AttractionAs most long term residential and long stay caravan and cabin parks are furnished you save on moving costs and dont even need to buy a fridge or a bed, and many household items can be rented from park operators so you don’t need to buy them.

There are no long term leases and you only have to give a relatively short notice if you Furnished homes at Blue Gum Cabin and Caravan Park makes it easier to move straight in
decide to vacate, this will differ from 1 week to a month depending on the park you have chosen and the cabin living accommodation of your choice. You just move straight in after youve chosen the cabin accommodation type that suits your needs and your budget. Many residential parks will offer different types of cabin residences to suit different accommodation needs and budgets.

To rent a flat or house in Melbourne, Australia you would be looking at paying several hundred dollars or more a month for rent and adding to the initial monthly rental costs there are many other expenses for example:

  1. Parking often you have to pay extra for on site parking
  2. Couches and arm chairs
  3. Table and chairs
  4. Washing machines
  5. Dryers
  6. Maintenance cost of gardens
  7. Real Estate Agents with long waiting lists for maintenance
  8. Expensive bonds
  9. Large up front rental fees
  10. long rental leases
  11. Having to pay out the full amount of the remainder of your lease if you decide to leave early

Ensuite with shower and toilet and basin

You most likely also won’t have an ensuite or ever see your neighbour, and not knowing the person that lives next to us is a new phenomena of our era, the bubble era, the era where we dont socialize with our neighbours, we are more likely to be inside on a computer or watching TV keeping to ourselves, our children dont play with friends in the streets and local council parks as we used to when we were younger often due to safety concerns as well, something that residential parks offer, the security and peace of mind that your children can play in security of the park.

Virtually all grey nomads will regularly use caravan parks to a greater or lesser extent as they travel the country.

While some may only call in on one once a week or once a month to catch up on laundry, recharge some batteries and take a hot shower, others prefer to take advantage of the perceived greater security and better facilities on offer every night they are on the road.

For many, the key consideration is budget. Spending $30 or more for accommodation per night for a trip which might last years is a serious financial commitment. Of course, there are ways to try to reduce the expense.

Karumba Point Sunset Caravan ParkIf you think you may be staying in a lot of van parks, it may be worth joining one of the caravan park membership schemes. The schemes provide members with discounts for stays at their parks, while the parks themselves must meet a certain set of standards in terms of facilities and cleanliness. BIG4 Holiday Parks, Top Tourist Parks, Discovery Holiday Parks and Family Parks of Australia are among the biggest van park groups.

For many southernbased grey nomads, of course, it is the lure of the warmer weather during the winter months which draws them north. A large proportion of these ‘seasonal nomads’ are more than content to stay in one van park for several months in hotspots such as Broome, Port Douglas or Darwin. Some parks offer special rates for longterm visitors. These are always worth enquiring about as they may not be advertised.

“The caravan park industry is very appreciative of the contribution that grey nomads make and we are also understanding of their lifestyle,” the President Caravan and Camping Industry Association NSW, Theo Wilmont, told “I would say that grey nomads should communicate with their van parks.  Obviously if you turn up on Christmas day and want a spot a normal rate you might be pushing your luck but if you are staying for a twomonth period over both and high and low seasons you should be able to come to some agreement.”

In planning a longterm trip, grey nomads should factor in that virtually all commercial caravan parks increase their rates significantly during peak season such a Easter and Christmas. As well as the financial hit, travellers should also be aware that they may well need to book a spot well in advance as families descend en masse.

Karumba point Sunset Caravan Park Cabins Hotels Birds Online BookingThere are many different sorts of caravan parks with varying facilities for travellers to choose from. For most grey nomads, particularly the more selfcontained ones, the key facilities will be laundry, a good amenities block, a dump point and power.

Many of the newer parks have almost become mini resorts complete with tennis courts, multiple swimming pools, mini golf courses, games rooms, cafes and restaurants and even kids’ clubs.

Although the facilities in these parks may be top notch, the prices are generally high as well and they may not be in the budget of many longterm travellers. At the other end of the scale, the councilrun caravan parks do not have all the extras but they are usually much cheaper and offer a basic place to stay with power and amenities.

Why You Should Stay At Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park


The sun was flashing off the water which was so still it could have been a giant mirror. It was a Nepa tide and I was looking for action.

I left Melbourne 1 week ago to get away from that cold Southern winter. Who would want to put up with that. Cold, rain and damp! I just had to have some sun on my back, some warmth away from the cold.
Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park, here I come!

1 Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park

Travelling up the the coast road to Sydney, the first day I stopped at Lakes Entrance. Five days later I drove into Karumba and Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park. This was my tenth time to Karumba and the Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park and instantly I felt at home. The staff are great, helpful and friendly and the park looked superb. Always clean and tidy and the toilets spotless. Spent the rest of the day catching up with old friends and made some new ones. That’s one of the many good things about this place. Catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Park Entrance

Park Entrance

But as I said, the water was like a mirror. I had two lines in the water and was just sitting back having a corn beef and pickle sandwich when I got the first hit. I love corn beef and pickle sandwiches so I was not about to drop it over the side trying to grab the rod. And I had already put some burley over the side so didn’t need my corn beef sandwich to go with it. So with my sandwich stuck in my mouth I grabbed the rod and in my excitement the bloody sandwich dropped over the side anyway. Bummer!!



By this time the line was roaring out and I was in to it. I could see the fish flying through the water and I could tell it was a Barra and a big Barra! I was so excited my left leg started to pump with adrenaline. I let the fish run for a minute or so, could have been longer as time flies when you have a biggie like this on the line and then pow! Out of the water the Barra came. I could see it was a big fish and I was relishing the battle. Dropping the rod down I started to reef in some line and I can tell you the rod was bent nearly into a U shape. Real in, drop the rod, real in drop the rod. I was making ground. Then, like a bantam rooster running away from the axe, Mr Barra was off again. And so it went on for 50 minutes like this, in and out, in and out until finally I had the fish up near the boat and I could see it was spent. Holding onto the rod with one hand I grabbed the net and put it under the fish, dropped the rod in the boat and dragged the fish over the side into the boat. Being a small tinnie there was not a lot of room but we managed to fit. What a magnificent fish. Approx 1.15 metres and looked like at least 20 KG. What a day and I was just getting started. Away from the cold in paradise. Karumba Point Sunset Caravan park. My home away from home.

Dave from Preston Victoria

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