Sharing 6 Tips For Travelling With Dogs


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Point Sunset Caravan Park

  • EnSuited Cabins, Villas, Campsites Powered/UNpowered sites.
  • Next to the beach & boat ramp. Shady, well grassed sites.
  • Free BBQ area. Fish Cleaning Area.
  • Swimming Pool with Entertainment area.
  • Spit Roast Nights & Entertainment.
  • Happy Hours, Disabled Shower/Toilet.
  • 2 Spotless Shower/Toilet Blocks, Coin Operated Laundry.
  • MiniMart / Cafe / Tackle / Souvenirs, Craft days, 3 Public Telephones.
  • Fishing Charters / Flights and other Local Tour Bookings, Campers Kitchen.


getdoublespacesitesanddrivethrusites01These are 6 tips I’ve picked up from John’s book so far:

 1. Get your dog used to longer car trips before you go

Some dogs can get car sick on longer trips so it’s worth taking your dog on some trips to get them used to it before taking off across the country. It’s also a good idea not to feed your dog just before you put him in the car to avoid him vomiting all over the upholstery or passengers.

We’ve already taken Buddy on a return trip between Adelaide & Melbourne and he was happy to sleep most of the way. One issue we still haven’t solved is that he’s toilet trained to do his business outside at home but he doesn’t like going anywhere else.

He basically holds onto it until we get home.

I’m pretty sure he won’t be able to hold onto it for 3 weeks though so this trip will probably be the time that we solve this problem.

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2. Take a good supply of their food and their own food and water bowls

Continuing to feed them the food they are used to will reduce the ‘change stress’ they are experiencing and also minimise the chance that they will get sick or not be interested in different food.

Our puppy eats pretty much everything we give him without any issues but his main diet is a meat, veggie and rice casserole I make for him in batches every week. I’ll take enough to last him a week then plan to make a couple more batches along the way.

3. Make sure he is micro chipped & your phone number is on a tag on their collar

There is a greater chance of him wandering off and getting lost while you’re travelling so hang a metal tag off his collar with his name and your mobile number on it so if someone finds him they can call you.

Vets will also be able to read the microchip and look up your details in the database.

4. Take a doggy first aid kit

Dogs have different first aid needs to humans and John has included a great list of things to include in a ‘doggy first aid kit’ in ‘Bush Camping With Dogs‘.

Include your vets phone number in the kit as well so you can call them for advice if you need to.


5. Make sure they are wormed, fully vaccinated and take copies of the vaccination certificates

There is increased risk of them catching diseases or worms while you are travelling due to the exposure to other dogs and animals so making sure they are fully wormed and vaccinated is critical.

If you are heading to Tasmania you’ll need to have him treated for hydatid tapeworm within 14 days before you go.

Park View Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park January 2018

Park View Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park

6. Take their bedding from home

They’ll feel more ‘at home’ and sleep better at night if they have their own bed which they are used to.

The dogs taking the boys for morning walk around Karumba.

I’m going to buy a collapsible crate like the one below for Buddy and get him sleeping in it a few weeks before we go so that we can take it with us and it will be his bit of familiar ‘personal space’. We can also use it to contain him if we need to.

Do you have any tips to share with us?

Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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