Queensland’s Gulf of Carpentaria Morning glory cloud

Watch Video Morning glory cloud passing over Karumba this morning.

Karumba sunset point caravan park this morning these clouds are heavily sought after by hang gliders as they are the only known clouds in the world where you know exactly where to be in order not to descend. As long as the hang gliders stay on the leading edge of the cloud, they will continue to float for as long as they please or until the cloud evaporates. Each year (usually around October), dozens if not more, hang gliders head to the Gulf of Carpentaria in search of these clouds.

The best location to see the Morning Glory is Burketown in far North Queensland’s Gulf of Carpentaria. The Glory generally goes through Karumba before dawn and arrives shortly after first light in the Burketown area. Towns are few and far between in this part of Australia – if you are traveling be prepared for some quite remote countryside with October temperatures over 40 degrees celsius at times. Many of the roads are dirt and the first thunderstorms of the wet season can start in mid to late October.

Spectacular morning at the centre

Spectacular morning at the centre


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